Congratulations, your closing docs have processed and completed but one last item remains “open”. Your attention is being requested regarding a potential lapse in coverage for the home assigned to your recently updated County deed records for the property location of:

, ,

Due to time restrictions, your last day to renew coverage with “special” incentives is .


This letter is to inform you that your Home Warranty has expired or may be about to expire at  secured by . Our records indicate that you have not contacted us about renewing your home warranty.


Please call us today at  to renew your home warranty or select a 3-year plan to further protect your home against costly repairs. (Special Discounts will apply).

Without a home warranty in place, you are at risk of being financially liable for all repairs.

You still may have time left to activate your Home Warranty before it’s too late. No inspection will be required and final acceptance is subject to your ability to meet eligibility requirements.